Claire Ankuda and Staff

C-SHIP Core Curriculum

While student interns work for an organization on a project integral to their own field of study, they also learn career-readiness skills and foundational knowledge about rural health care.

Career Readiness Training  

  • Students select two Career Readiness Competencies to develop and practice as part of their internship experience. Career Readiness skills include:
    • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
    • Professionalism/Work Ethic
    • Teamwork/Collaboration
    • Oral and Written Communications
    • Leadership
    • Working with Digital Technology
    • Career Management
    • Global/Intercultural Fluency

NACE Career Readiness Infographic click here: PDF

For information on the Association of American Medical Schools (AAMC) 15 Core Competencies for medical school applicants click here:

For more information on career readiness competencies visit our Career Readiness Resource Page here: link to Student Tab-Career Readiness Resources

Delivering Rural Health Care in Vermont

  • Students learn about the 6 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) topic areas related to emerging concepts and systems which define the delivery of rural health care in Vermont. They demonstrate their mastery of at least 2-3 as they relate to their internship experience.  Topic areas include:
    • Behavioral Health Integration
    • Team-based Approach to Health Care
    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Delivering Care with Cultural Sensitivity
    • Practice Transformation through Quality Improvement Measures
    • Current and Emerging Health Issues

For more information of the AHEC Core Topic areas see