Claire Ankuda and Staff

C-SHIP Core Curriculum

While student interns work for an organization on a project integral to their own field of study, they also learn career-readiness skills and foundational knowledge about rural health care.

Career Readiness Training  

  • Students select two Career Readiness Competencies to develop and practice as part of their internship experience. Career Readiness skills include:
    • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
    • Professionalism/Work Ethic
    • Teamwork/Collaboration
    • Oral and Written Communication
    • Leadership
    • Working with Digital Technology
    • Career Management
    • Global/Intercultural Fluency

NACE Career Readiness Infographic click here: PDF

For information on the Association of American Medical Schools (AAMC) 15 Core Competencies for medical school applicants click here:

For more information on career readiness competencies visit our Career Readiness Resource Page here: link to Student Tab-Career Readiness Resources

Delivering Rural Health Care in Vermont

  • Students learn about the 6 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) topic areas related to emerging concepts and systems which define the delivery of rural health care in Vermont. They must demonstrate their mastery of at least 2-3 topic areas as they relate to their internship experience.  Topic areas include:
    • Behavioral Health Integration
    • Team-based Approach to Health Care
    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Delivering Care with Cultural Sensitivity
    • Practice Transformation through Quality Improvement Measures
    • Current and Emerging Health Issues

For more information of the AHEC Core Topic areas