Past Projects

Since 2013 C-SHIP students have completed over 70 internships.  These internships and projects range from administering a question survey to clients and patients; attending intake and referral meetings and observing how agency services work together for families;  researching and displaying patient information for a clinic waiting room; engaging with senior residents at long term care facilities or with children about oral health, or helping to plan and carry out a community event for a nonprofit.

Internships are an important part of an undergraduate’s career exploration.  A recent national survey asked employers to rank order the factors that would distinguish otherwise equal candidates.  An internship came in first!

For students, it is a chance to explore a potential career, make connections, attain career readiness skills and better understand the possible pathways to a desired career.

Below is a sample of a few C-SHIP interns and their projects.

You can also view some C-Ship student quotes here: DOWNLOAD PDF

I interviewed 35 community members especially healthcare provders, about the health needs of the community, issues with access to care and any suggestions people had to these health issues. This experience has made me equally as interested in the area of health. Now I feel like I have an even more well-rounded sense of community health.

-Daniell Marasa, 2018


The Resident at Otter Creek

Thanks to these two C-SHIP students vital work was completed in these healthcare facilities. During their time in C-SHIP, interning was far from fetching coffee and doing desk work – they each had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in these communities!

Vanessa was assigned to work with the residents in assisted living to interview them based on an 8-page questionnaire we provided. It was an opportunity to meet residents 1-on-1, learn more about them, and support their transition to senior living.

I think this is a great program and a wonderful opportunity for students to have some hands-on experience in a way that might not normally present in a summer job. Residents at our community enjoyed Vanessa’s youthful presence and probably had just as many questions for her as she did for them!”

-2018 Preceptor for Intern at The Residence at Otter Creek, Middlebury