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Overview and brief history of Career Centers of Vermont

A leaky pipeline

Southern Vermont AHEC began the College Student Healthcare Internship Program in 2013 to provide internship and career learning opportunities to undergraduate students in our rural areas.  We recognized that as a healthcare workforce development organization there was a gap between our high school career exploration, the AHEC MedQuest Programs, and graduate level programs such as clinical rotations or Interdisciplinary projects for UVM Larner College of Medicine students.

We had a leak in our health career pipeline!Leaky Pipe

Students who live in rural areas can be at a disadvantage when it comes to career exploration opportunities.  Rural students may also need to have paying jobs and can’t afford to take unpaid internships.  C-SHIP was developed to address these needs, as well as to benefit rural community by accomplishing needed projects.

The purpose of C-SHIP is three-fold:

  • To expose the intern to real-life, on-the-job experiences in health and healthcare professions
  • To provide added capacity for rural health-related organizations and institutions to address priority needs
  • To benefit rural communities by accomplishing projects which often help address an area’s priority health needs

We recruit alumni from our high school exploration programs, MedQuest, as well as undergraduate students through your College and University career center websites and platforms such as Handshake, CollegeCentral and JobWise.   We are open to students from all majors, as long as they are considering a career in healthcare.  Health care includes medical, mental/behavioral, public and preventive health.

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