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FAQ for Career Centers

How did C-SHIP begin?

Southern Vermont AHEC (SVTAHEC) is a healthcare workforce development organization.  We started the C-SHIP program in 2013 in recognition of the limited opportunities rural students have for internships.   To date we have created and overseen more than 70 successful internship placements.


Which students are eligible for C-SHIP?

Students enrolled in a college, university or post-secondary certificate program and planning to pursue a career in healthcare are eligible to apply.  We recruit from our AHEC alumni who have participated in our high school health career exploration programs, MedQuest and Advanced MedQuest.  We also advertise for interns on college career center websites such as Handshake and College Central.  Please let us know if we are not on your career center site! 


Is housing provided?

Please note that an intern must have transportation and a place to stay within commuting distance of her/his internship.  We do not provide housing for interns.

How do students apply? 

Students submit their resume and a cover letter indicating their interest and availability.   A letter of recommendation will be required for eligible applicants.  Send to:   Susan P White, Health Professions Resource Coordinator at  We interview prospective interns by phone, video, or in person; applicant information is sent to the host site for further review.


Do the students get paid or can they get academic credit? 

SVTAHEC has funding to pay C-SHIP internships $12.50/hour.  Academic credit, if appropriate, would be arranged by the student and institution.

How long is an internship? 

Internships are 100 to 200 hours.  They can be spread out over 6 to 10 weeks in the summer months.  We may occasionally get a request for an internship in fall or spring semester; such cases are addressed on an individual basis.

Who supervizes the intern?    

SVTAHEC works with the host site to define the intern’s responsibilities and duties, provide training and ensure day-to-day supervision, provide mentorship for the student’s career readiness competencies (as outlined by NACE), and provide professional job shadow opportunities in the student’s area of interest.

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